The importance of attracting, developing, and retaining key talent is a top priority among executives and board members. Development of a unique culture and employee value proposition with a supporting talent management strategy will become increasingly critical.

VAD identifies and articulates a compelling employee value proposition — the actionable factors that attract and retain employees in a unique organizational culture. We evaluate the company’s success in delivering on the proposition, measure the impact on employee retention and engagement, and create customized action plans for improvement. We quantify the cost of employee turnover and develop the business case to improve.

We determine critical leadership and technical roles in the organization, and conduct an objective assessment of leaders and technical talent. We perform succession planning, implementing processes to increase the availability of employees with the proper experience and competencies to assume leadership / technical roles.

We define a comprehensive strategy to address rewards to promote a high performance culture. We develop tools and processes to align performance, including setting effective targets, properly evaluating performance and linking performance to rewards. We create customized compensation programs to drive market competitiveness and performance improvement.

We provide talent management and rewards services including: