Companies are increasingly dependent on technology for all aspects of their business. Whether they are looking to grow revenue, increase customer loyalty, reduce cycle times or dramatically reduce costs, technology is most often at the center of the strategy. Clients turn to us when they need to create a scalable, cost-effective IT function that delivers the company’s strategic vision and priorities.

VADs clients look to us when:

VAD addresses the following core elements of a high-performing IT function:

Accelerate value from your merger, acquisition or divestiture

Technology plays an essential role in the full cycle of M&A activities — from pre-merger planning to post-merger integration. Whether you’re acquiring a large global company or divesting a non-strategic subsidiary, mergers and acquisitions are high stakes projects enveloped in uncertainty. VAD helps manage the technology aspects and business enablement of complex mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and carve-outs.

Clients call us when:

VAD’s core services include:

Forensic Technology

Contentious legal and regulatory situations require the right technology to uncover and manage evidence and intelligence.

Applied Data Analytics

We organize, rationalize and contextualize your data to facilitate insightful decision-making and drive business results.

Global Cyber Risk Services

Whether your goal is to enhance your current information security program or respond to and minimize the damage of a cyber incident, we identify the best solutions to protect your data.